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Update 10.12.2019

- Allow EarthQuake skill in a Custom DarkHorse            OK
- Change Character Delete level option                OK
- Custom Off Attack Auto Resume                    OK
- Custom Off Store Auto Resume                    OK
- Personal Store save values                    OK
- Global Chat show server name                    OK
- Custom Item by VIP, Resets, MasterResets            OK
- Increase max invasion to 50                    OK
- Custom Font                        OK
- Custom Post Item                    OK
- Server Time                             OK
- Message.txt multi-language                    OK
- Reflect Damage by class balance                OK
- Server Allow/Disallow Pk enter                OK
- PersonalShop(Bless,Soul,Chaos) works toghether JewelBank    OK
- Fix Cant disable Commands without required             OK
- Fix when Gvg and Tvt starts you can pvp in other maps        OK
- Fix Reload quiz event                        OK
- Fix Double Goer move party                     OK
- Fix chat in russian language                    OK
- Fix Custom Jewel ancient apply on non-ancient items        OK
- Fix Item 0,41 repair                   OK
- Fix Summon Party closes the CS Gate                OK
- Fix Switch character in Kalima                OK
- Fix Set Party command issues                    OK
- Fix CustomBow auto reload arrow                OK
- Fix Spirit of Guardian descrease damage in Pvp        OK
- Fix PrintScreen in 1366x768 resolution            OK
- Removed MuError.log                    OK


Posted12 / 10 / 2019

Latest Update

Auto VIP upon Registration - VIP Level : Bronze Plan
CheckSpeedHack : Enable
CheckAutoComboHack: Enable
CheckPotionHack : Enable
SpeedHackSkillType : Disconnect

Posted07 / 10 / 2019

Update 09282019

Update 09282019
Conqueor and AD Wings Combination Change (Check the Guide on Guide Section)
Blessed Divine Weapon Combination Change (Check the Guide on Guide Section)
Panda Rings and Pet Panda added to New Create character (Both Item Have Expiration)
Change Buffs to Seal of Ascension for New Create Character
Added New NPC on Elbenland to buy GM Gift Box (Cost : 100 WCoin(C))


Run the Launcher for Patch/Update

Posted28 / 09 / 2019

Update 20190917

Updates : 

  • Added Lucky Set Tier 3 on Webshop

  • New Lorencia PvP Ring

  • Lessen the Drop Rate of Custom Jewel

  • Fix some items from cash shop


Run the Launcher for Update/Patch

Posted17 / 09 / 2019

Update 09.13.2019

Updates :

  • Top Voters Rewards Fixed!
    Top 10 Voters will Received Credits
  • New Working Event for GM Commands!
  • King of MU Event Fix! (Every Sunday GMT/UTC+8)(8:00/20:00 PM)
  • King of MU Event Rewards :
    1000 WC for the Winning Guild
    MVP + 1000 WC
  • Added Commands on Especial Menu : Commands


Run the Launcher for Patch/Updates

Posted13 / 09 / 2019

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